Wolves among us: ATL

Baptist Reverend: Right now, I wanna speak to all of y’all who’ve been leaving the service early. I may be preachin’ up here but I can still see what’s goin’ on. In the past weeks, I’ve seen folk leaving before the benediction…and some of y’all had the nerve to leave before I even finish the sermon!…”

Congregation: AMEN, reverend! PREACH it!!

Baptist Reverend:…let me talk to y’all for a minute. Don’t y’all know that the devil is waiting for y’all outside these doors? He’s probably out there sitting on the porch right now!

Congregation: Amen, you aint lying!

Baptist Reverend:Don’t y’all know that I’m your spiritual covering? Why would you want to leave your spiritual covering and protection and rush out there where the devil can get ya? I know of two people who left church early and died. One lady couldn’t wait for church to be over so she could see her boyfriend. She left before the sermon was even over. Later that night, she was killed in a drive-by shooting. Y’all betta listen!

The church is now noticeably silent

Baptist Reverend: I also heard about a group of kids who rushed out of church early so they could get some candy. Soon after they left, one of them got hit by a car! That’s what happens to those who leave their spiritual covering!!

Okay, let me explain. The above scene took place at my former church back in the late 1980’s. I was just a young kid, then. The reverend’s comments really shook me up. (Especially since, I was usually rushing to the store after church to buy candy…hahaha)

For many years after that, my mindset regarding the church reflected the views of that reverend. I saw church as a safe haven. Sort of like  reaching “base” in the game of “tag”. You’re safe. No one can tag you.

But, I was deceived. That reverend was wrong and so was I. Absolutely wrong. Jesus never taught that Satan stays cowering outside the church. In fact, God’s word teaches the opposite of this.

“For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves. Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears”. (Acts 20:29-31)

So, how does Satan get into our churches? Well, evil men among uslet him in.

One recent example of this took place at New Birth Missionary Church in ATLANTA.

The wolf “pastor” of that church – Bishop Eddie Long

– invited the rapper “T.I” to his church to share a message on EASTER Sunday.


T. I. is not a Christian rapper. Let’s keep it real. This brotha is straight up gangsta

In fact, he was on house arrest at the time he received the invite from Bishop Eddie Long. Why was he on house arrest? Because, he got caught with these…

I can’t even show you all the guns this brotha had. He had enough to be an “extra” in “Saving Private Ryan”

How do you think the Lord feels about this? Would Christ ever ask a pastor to recruit  a thug to preach from the pulpit?

The craziest part of the whole story is that the youth pastor of the church  (Bishop Eddie Long’s son) invited T.I. to speak again!…this time it was at the youth service. And, the youth pastor defended his decision by saying that 75 kids got “saved” that night!

lol…puhleeze! They didn’t get saved. They just wanted to get closer to their idol.

Look at this pic. Notice all the girls taking photos? You think they left this youth service with thoughts of repentance and growing in God’s word?

Heck No!!

They probably rushed home and uploaded those pics on Facebook. SMH

In the following video, you’ll see the girls from church go buck wild at the 1st sight of T.I. Quickly, It becomes evident that these girls aren’t here for Jesus, they just want T.I.

This is the message that T.I preached to the youth on Sunday’s EASTER service…

“The number one way to for sure separate yourself from the AIDS/HIV epidemic is abstinence. But, I know we’re not living in a perfect world. I know y’all aint gonna listen to your mamas, no more than you’ll listen to me.

The only other way… to 99% assure  yourself safety…is to protect yourself. Guys, you know the girl tells ya, “I’m on the pill. Don’t worry about it”. Hey man, I’m gonna ask you one more time. Would you bet your life on it?


That’s just unbelievable. T.I pretty much said

*this aint a perfect world

*y’all aint gonna listen to your mamas

* so, just “wrap it up” when y’all  have sex

Is that the message of the cross? Is that the message of Easter?

As Christians, are we supposed to avoid fornication just because of AIDS?

Did Christ take the nails and thorns for this to be taught in His church?????


Those are pretty much the teachings of Satan.  Satan hates Christians. He will tell them to give up on purity and just give in to lust because life is too hard. Bishop Long allowed Satan to come inside and give destructive messages to the youth of his church. plain and simple.

Afterward, Bishop Eddie took the mike and said..

“I thank “T.I.” for coming and standing…not trying to be anything else than what God created him to be. Hallelujah!”

what?!?! This “pastor” is a joke.

I don’t blame T. I. for any of this mess. Sinners do what sinners do.

I lay all the blame at the feet of Eddie…

In his attempts to be cool, relevant and famous, he allowed Satan to strut around the pulpit. And, for that, he’ll surely be held accountable!

“…those who rule over you…must give account” (Hebrews 13:17)


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