Not Fit For The Dunghill

For a convenience store, this line was kinda long. Five customers stood in line inside the Noori Convenience store of Wichita, Kansas. Beer, chips,  ice-cream and skittles were just a few of the many items being escorted to the cashier’s window. The five customers just stood there, patiently waiting their turn; eventhough, a sixth customer was squirming on the floor beside them – dying from a stab wound…

LaShonda Calloway, a mother of three, was stabbed in this convenience store by a teenage girl. And, as she laid there on the floor bleeding to death, the other customers totally ignored her; offering no assistance whatsoever. Video surveilance from that store showed a line forming as patron after patron ignored the dying Calloway. Two minutes passed before anyone bothered to call 9-1-1 on behalf of the injured Calloway, but by then it was shamefully too late.




Lashonda Calloway died at the hospital.



Sadly, this true story, metaphorically, represents the church today. In our preoccupation with our own agenda, we totally ignore those around us who are spiritually dead and on their way to the Lake of Fire (Revelation 21:8). Many professing christians are so consumed with obtaining a pleasurable life on earth that they’ve forgotten that this world is NOT our home; our citizenship is in heaven.

Such a  mindset is absolutely dangerous because our Lord stated that those who aren’t being the “salt of the earth” aren’t useful for anything….not even the dunghill!!





“…if the salt has lost its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land nor for the dunghill, but men throw it out…”









S0, I want to list three  indicators that show up in the life of a lukewarm christian who has willfully neglected the responsibility of sharing the gospel

#1: They have no burden for lost souls   


One day, while still a freshman in college, I witnessed an elderly man lying on the ground in the middle of a busy walkway. Minutes earlier, that same man had suffered from a heart-attack and was rendered motionless. Some female students witnessed the whole event and ran to his aide. However, I noticed that many other students just kept walking by as if they were just too busy to get involved. To my horror, one student jumped over the elderly man’s body in a brazen attempt to make it to class on time.



What a shame


All too often, this attitude lies in the heart of many believers. To learn that a co-worker or neighbor has yet to find eternal forgiveness in Christ does not grieve them. “I’m just too busy,” they might think to themselves.



#2: They hinder others from sharing the gospel


Not all hindrances are bad for you. For instance, the Holy Spirit hindered Paul from ministering in Asia, rerouting him to Troas (Acts 16:6,7. and we know that God’s plan for us is ALWAYS perfect). Although some hindrances are God-inspired, there are also many that are not. This point is made more clear in the life of our LORD, Jesus Christ. In the midst of Jesus’ ministry, He faced potential hindrances from those closest to Him: His family and friends.  




In Mark 3:21, we find that Jesus’ own mother tried to hinder his preaching, considering him to be crazy. Furthermore, we find in Matthew 16:22 that one of Jesus’ closest disciples tried to hinder Him from Calvary’s cross. Far too often, the lukewarm believer will try vehemently to hinder others from serving God and giving Him glory. 




#3: They are eating, drinking and giving in marriage                               

My last point may be hard to swallow. Unfortunately, it characterizes the lives of many professing christians in modern day.

In Matthew 24:38, Jesus issues a stern warning about the time of His second coming. He said, ” For as in the days before the flood, they were eating, drinking and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away…”



Jesus is saying that, in the last days, this will be the attitude of the world. They will be so consumed with social events (eating and drinking) and finding love ( marrying and giving in marriage) that they’ll miss out on the Ark ( Jesus) which is the only thing that can save them from God’s WRATH against sin. Although Christ was describing the world in that passage, His description fits many professing Christians as well. Sadly, many who profess faith in Christ get enraptured by the very same things that tickle the world’s fancy.  




Are you more consumed with social events and fun weekends than you are with the Ark (Jesus)? 

Are you more passionate about finding a wife or a husband than you are with finding lost sheep?



Family of God, I pray that you would carefully consider these questions.


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